Chuan Yang home Shanghai exhibition ended perfectly, thank you!


The four-day Shanghai exhibition ended on September 11, bringing a lot of harvest to chuanyang home.

This year is the second time that chuan Yang household participated in Shanghai exhibition. Compared with last year, chuan Yang household products are more mature and styles are more abundant.


The exhibition hall covers an area of 180 square meters and 18 sets of new sofas are on display.

The exhibition is mainly aimed at foreign markets, and the main products are American multi-functional leather sofas.

Media interview sun zong

Chuan Yang furniture’s new ventilation chair and sofa appeared in the exhibition.

The product is a new series of products independently developed and designed by the company, and its novel concept has attracted many customers’ attention.


Foreign customers experience chuanyang products

Additional, sofa of home theater, combination function also obtained the favour of many customers, sign a contract with many customer spot place an order.

Finally, thanks to the presence and support of the vast number of new and old customers, thanks to the chuanyang home exhibition team and all the staff hard and hard work.

With your affirmation and support, chuanyang home has the power to continue to set sail, open a new chapter!

Thank you for having you!

Post time: Nov-09-2018