Haining yanguan town in the original such a long time for a company!

Read the August 18 spectacular tide, taste wang guowei former residence of you, little imagine that there is a time-honored shop, also from this historical and cultural atmosphere of the ancient town – yanguan.

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When you worry about don’t know where to go to buy a sofa, yanguan people will enthusiastically introduce to you “to chuan Yang ah, chuan Yang sofa for more than 30 years, the old brand.

At the same time, they will enthusiastically give you directions “along the east and west avenue has been going east, see guo dian gas station, chuan Yang home on the opposite of the gas station.

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Speaking of chuan Yang household, we haining locals almost all know, also can be counted as a household brand ~

“When my husband and I first got married, we bought kawaio’s sofa. It has been more than 10 years. Now we have renovated our home and bought kawaio’s sofa.”

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Step into the door of sichuan ocean, the staff are very enthusiastic, give you a detailed introduction, sofa, bed, leather, cloth art, solid wood, European… All kinds, let you dazzling ~

Sofa series

The first floor is American sofa, the first floor is leather sofa and leather bed, and the second floor is cloth sofa.

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Chuanyang household leather series 611-25

Chuanyang household leather series 611-25, this sofa is made of water grey, highlighting the softness and elegance of the sofa. The combination of 3 people + royal concubine suits the choice of medium and small sitting room, line is concise and fluent, without a redundant.

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Chuan Yang household fabric series 616-25

Chuan Yang household cloth art series 616-25, this sofa chooses wine red, appears enthusiastic, composed, printing pillow lets the sofa say goodbye to monotonic, adds a breath of youth sunshine. Choose high-quality cotton and linen fabrics, sofa selection of high-quality cotton linen, wear-resistant and dirty, cotton and linen can effectively absorb sweat on human skin, environmental health, no methanol.

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Children’s suite

If you have a baby, you can also go up to the third floor, there are all kinds of children’s suites oh! There are also wood suites.

Pink, blue, little boy, little girl have ~ have the style that your baby likes?

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Europe type style

Go up 4 floors again is Europe type suite, wide and elegant furniture, match with delicate sculpture, have a kind of luxuriant, high, sweet feeling ~

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Sichuan foreign household

Located on the bank of qiantang river, zhejiang chuanyang furniture co., LTD., founded in 1986, has 30 years of development history, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of sponge products and soft furniture. In 2006, it founded zhejiang chuanyang furniture co., LTD., which has become a large modern comprehensive household enterprise integrating design, production, sales and service. The company was officially listed on the new third board on May 11, 2016 with the stock code of 837386.

Location: no.12, huanyuan west road, guodian industrial park, yanguan town (opposite to guodian gas station)

Contact number: 0573 — 87683850

Post time: Jul-19-2019